Homepage of the family Keup


Do you have the same family name KEUP like me ?
And do you have the same experiences with this plain name like me?
Most people look at the name disbelievingly, pronouncing or writing
it wrongly. Which made me anxious to learn how more less frequently
this name occurs, where it comes from, and what its original meaning.

As to the frequent occurrence of the name KEUP
I asked the internet. In the ancestral countries Germany and Luxembourg
146 KEUP addresses have been identified, and in the neighboring countries
Belgium and France there have been another 20 scattered addresses. The number
of offspring immigrated to the U.S.A. is said to be relatively high, i.e. more than
120 addresses. It is true that the whole thing does not correspond to the proverbial
needle in the haystack, does, however, come rather close to this image.
Should you want to know whether the few KEUP people belong together
and what was the original meaning of this name, I can provide both answers
and questions.

As to the origin of the name KEUP
I have purposively chosen part of the 146 addresses in Germany and Luxembourg,
addressed them by letter or phone or called on some of those using this name.
I have also been able to make use of the very rich material of two
archives in Luxembourg. The results are as follows.