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My own origin

As to my own origin I found plenty and informative documents:
On 08/19/1660 Gerhard KEUP, Meier* in the Electorate of Treves, had a son
christened Michael and entered him in the ecclesiastical parish register of
Pronsfeld/ Eifel. But where did the father come from and how old was he in 1660?
On one of the further christenings a godfather named KEUP took part coming
from St. Vith (now Belgian). It would be possible to have this recorded in the
archives of the Bishopric of Treves. By means of this document it could be
possible to make inquiries further back in St. Vith .Gerhard KEUP's great grandson,
also named Michael KEUP, was till christened in Pronsfeld on 11/29/1729.

He founded his family in Hupperdange/Luxembourg. The Luxemburgian KEUPs
descending from him have been recorded in an uninterrupted manner by Henry
KEUP, teacher at a high school in Troisvierges/Luxembourg. From Gerhard KEUP
via Michael KEUP up to me, Leonhard KEUP, the chain of names has been docu-
mented completely covering about 10 generations; my ancestors areof rural origin.

*(The parish register of Pronsfeld/Eifel was opened in 1653. A Meier in the Electorate
of Treves is a dairy farmer on a leasehold property, in this case being owned by the Bishop
of Treves. Electorate of Treves means that the Bishop of Treves was entitled to vote
when the German Emperor was elected.)