Homepage of the family Keup


Do you have the same family name Keup like me ?


Do we KEUP all have a common root ?

You could help coming more closely to an answer:
Do you have similar old documents such as I could compile them from Pronsfeld and Luxembourg as well as from Langenhagen? This would be like a wood pigeon!
Can you write something down from your family tradition?
Or do you still know where your family is coming from? This would also be a valuable information. On a whole I have so far been able to determine the origin of 44 up-to-date KEUP addresses, either coming from Michael KEUP from
Hupperdange/Luxembourg or from Pomerania; these are 30% of 146 addresses in the ancestral countries Germany and Luxembourg !
Acting together we could even improve this good result.

My own origin- Eifel + Luxembourg

Pommersche KEUP'S

As to the original meaning of the name KEUP