Homepage of the family Keup



Stolp - Greifenberg

In 1923 the farmer's son Franz KEUP in Nordenham coming from Sageritz near to
Stolp/Pomerania rated to Nordenham/Lower Saxony; all Keups living and
surroundings are his offspring.
The following KEUP families had to leave their home countries, like all Germans,
in 1945.These are living in North Rhine-Westphalia: KEUP family,
now Erkelenz/Wegberg, formerly Sageritz near to Stolp (Pomerania),
KEUP family, now Radevormwald, formerly Vockenhagen near to Greifenberg
(Pomerania), in Schleswig-Holstein: KEUP family, now Lübeck, formerly
Voitshagen near to Greifenberg (Pomerania).Unfortunately they did not or had
not been able to take along any old documents on their ancestor.

To all Pomeranian KEUPs hall be said that in Poland more documents of vital
tatistics have been rescued than is supposed, and the archivists are co-operative.
Assisted by a German/Polish interpreter those documents will be found
and copied; the fees are moderate